The Medical School orientation week ended with a ceremony welcoming the Physicians of tomorrow through our White Coat Ceremony

Graduation 2019

On June 21st 2019 a great milestone was marked for the European University Medical School (EUCMS) as its first students graduated and took the Hippocratic Oath, taken by physicians and served throughout their career.  The graduates of 2019 have left their mark at the European University Cyprus Medical School and will forever be a part of the EUCMS family. 

The Medical School Team came together to ensure this was a night to remember.All guests were presented with the Medical School Graduation Programme which outlined the events of the night. 

“We applaud you, we honor you and we stand with you during this momentous time”

Elizabeth Johnson
Dean of Medical School

Welcoming the Physicians and Dentists of tomorrow through our White Coat Ceremony 2018!

Welcome to:

Class of 2023, Department of Dentistry

Class of 2024, Department of Medicine